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MDC manufactures and supplies a variety of products for the colouration of Plastics, Namely Pigments and Solvent dyes.

MDC is part of the Chokshi group - the India’s leading Pigment & Solvent dyes mfg. company. Through technical and commercial competence, expanding R&D activities and partnership with it’s customers MDC continues to have the largest and most comprehensive range of products for diverse industries. In India there is one source for the complete range of MDC Pigments and Solvent dyes.

This shade card includes range of organic pigments manufactured by MDC and recommended for the colouration of Plastics, Inks and Paints. All important technical characteristics are displayed on one page, thereby making it easier for readers to find information on particular pigment properties.

The values for fastness properties were established under general test conditions. The values may differ if the working conditions are varied e.g. Machine-related data, Applied concentration, Exposure to high temperatures over given periods of time, or types of polymer used. We therefore recommend customers to conduct their own tests under the relevant working conditions before use.